Sunday, September 1, 2013

Battle Of The Vegan Pepperoni : Yves Brand vs Lightlife Brand

We still love pizza! Being vegan has not stopped me and Kevin from having this almost every week. We just replace the conventional cheese with one of our favorite non dairy replacement brands of Daiya shreds or Go Veggie shreds. We often make it at home from scratch with different toppings each time. We are also fortunate enough to have two restaurants nearby that also make vegan pizza using the Daiya brand shreds. MiChigo Pizza is within walking distance to us and Amici's Pizza is just a short drive away.
At home we recently decided to compare two brands of meatless peperoni on the same pizza to see which we liked better. We had had them separately before but there is nothing like a side by side comparison to see which we liked best. On the left we have Yves brand and on the right we have have Lightlife brand.

Right out of the packaging the Yves brand looked better in appearance while the Lightlife brand had a paper like texture. Tasting these raw and cold was another story. The Lightlife brand tasted great while the Yves seemed more plastic like and not as bold in flavor. I could see preferring to use the Lightlife brand cold on a Italian submarine sandwich (aka grinder) with lettuce, tomato, and onion dressed with oil, vinegar and oregano flakes.

Then came the heat. I placed each brand on a different half of our homemade pizza using the Daiya brand mozzarella style shreds and into the oven it went. I bake mine on a "pizza stone" that my mother gave me years ago. It makes the bottom nice and crispy. I am amazed that I have not yet broken the stone considering how much it has been used and moved around over the years.

Our test pie baked until the edges were crispy out it came and we cut it up into pieces. Both Kevin and I were in agreement : The Lightlife brand tastes best cold and the Yves brand tastes best hot on the pizza. Somehow the Yves brand woke up its flavor once the heat was applied. Each brand is best for a slightly different use.

But we may have to make pizza and Italian sub sandwiches many, many more times again, just to be sure!

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  1. Hi. How does the faux pepperoni taste as in what spices do they use? Does it taste like real pepperoni? I'm interested in trying it...